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The reason AngularJS can be easier to understand is a result of its declarative nature, meaning you define click handlers right in your HTML, which in a larger project, can make it much easier to understand just what is going on under the hood. This example will use a few simple buttons to show and hide content, and I’ll first demonstrate how we might accomplish this with jQuery, and then convert it to Angular. Suppose we were creating an app that allows users to create blog posts, and has three associated views. We might have the following buttons, and content sections: In jQuery, we would typically have to get all our buttons and assign a click handler that manages the display of the content (probably using a class attribute). Given the above HTML markup, our jQuery might look something like this:

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We’re getting all the buttons on the page, and finding their id attribute. We then conditionally add or remove classes based on which button we’re clicking. The major drawback here is that it relies heavily on the structure of the HTML. If the HTML structure changes in the future, the jQuery selectors all have to be rewritten. Let’s take a look at how we might convert this to AngularJS. I am trying to use simple jQuery UI. According to documentation of angular: However, I don't really understand how can I use angular.

Element and there is no example. Update: I managed to have the slider on the screen but it does not work, I cannot change values or do something with it. Ideally you would put that in a directive, but you can also just put it in the controller. Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the, and code samples are licensed under the. For details, see our. Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. When using AngularJS, it is considered best practice to use AngularJS directives to modify the DOM, not jQuery.

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Using jQuery a lot usually means that you aren't doing things the AngularJS way and is therefore a code smell. But what if you just have to interact directly with AngularJS using jQuery? Here's how. Module('app', []) app. The next step is to somehow get the $scope object so we can read from it and modify it. Fortunately, AngularJS provides this feature via the angular. Element() extras ( ). We know that the $scope object that we want is attached to the div with attribute ng-controller= ctrl.

We use this as the basis for a selector and then pass the string into angular. Element(). Below is a function that does this. The getScope() function accepts a single argument, ctrlName, which is the name of the controller, in this case, ctrl. Element(sel). I am start learning. Suggest me, which is best jQuery or AngularJS. Is it true every thing can do AngularJS with short code lines rather then JQuery?

Yeah, that's true.