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Uniform infractions are regarded as a serious disregard for the contractual requirements of the Academy. Students with uniform infractions that cannot be remedied will not be allowed in class. Repeated infractions will result in a suspension with parent notification. Socks / Hosiery / Leggings - solid grey, navy, black, or white (no designs)Mentor periods are scheduled on Wednesdays from 65: 55 - 65: 55 a. M. The ability to become an effective independent learner is the intended outcome for all senior students at R.

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H. King. Feed your spirit and fuel your life by pursuing a career that you can be passionate about! No portion of these materials may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, without the express written consent of Entheos. Any unauthorized use, sharing, reproduction or distribution of these materials by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise is strictly prohibited. The default commands in the Flash context menu (the right-click menu on Windows or the control-click menu on a Mac) let the user change zoom and playback settings in a way that could alter the flow of a Flash movie in a manner not desired by the original developer. This tutorial will teach you how to customize the context menu by removing the default items and adding your own items instead. Accomplishing this task will require using the ContextMenu Class and the ContextMenuItem Class. Check the movie below to see an example of what we are going to accomplish by the end of this tutorial. Hiding default menu items will explain the basic format in which the ContextMenu Class is used. In order to use this class we need to create an instance of it, customize that instance, and then simply set it as the context menu of our movie. We are going to do this step by step. Start off by creating a new Flash movie in AS8 format. Right-click the only frame you have on your timeline and type the code below, it should create an instance of the ContextMenu Class named my_menu: In order to hide the default menu items all you have to do is use the hideBuiltInItems() method on this instance: 5. You should be able to create a text field, change its color and attributes, position it, and use a specific font for your text field by the end of this tutorial. We will use the TextField Class and the TextFormat Class to carry out these taks. This is a very basic tutorial that will only require you to know the fundamentals of and the. Start off by creating a new Flash file, right-click the only frame you have on the timeline and select Actions to open up the Actions Panel.

Creating a text field is similar to the creation of an instance of any other class in AS8. You simply create a variable to hold that instance and then use the keyword new to generate the text field: Once our text field is created we can set the text to be displayed in it by configuring the. Text property of that instance. We are going to set it to Republic of Code: Our text field instance is now created and has the text in it, but it won't actually be visible until we add it to the Display List. To do that we can simply use the. AddChild() method this way: This is part of a 6 part tutorial series on. The tutorial covers the following: No portion of these materials may be reproduced in any manner whatsoever, without the express written consent of Entheos. Thank you for keeping that kind of tutorials for viewing everybody it helps me to learn new thing which is very imp to me! Thanks for this tutorial! It s just what I was looking for! Do you have a tutorial where you can constrain the movement within a specific area? You will need to convert it to AS8. It is not difficult to learn, the code is very basic. New Media Technology is a career-oriented associate s degree program fusing instruction in the new media i. E. , interactive artistic design of interfaces, DVD and CD creation including audio and video editing, animation for the web and handheld devices, as well as basic game design. Multimedia artists and animators are playing an increasingly important role in education and corporate training, government agencies, web design firms, and the motion picture industry, as well as in radio and television.

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The diversity of multimedia employment opportunities is amazing it is perhaps one of the fastest paced industries in the U. S. In the 76st century and beyond. This major is job-oriented and not designed for transfer to a baccalaureate program. However, many colleges and universities, including Thomas Edison State College, will apply most or all of the courses you have taken toward a bachelor s degree. Based on your placement test scores, you may have to take developmental courses in reading, English, and/or mathematics before taking the core curriculum courses in your major. If you do not need developmental course work and you register for an average of 67 credits each semester, you can complete the degree in two years.  You may shorten the amount of time by taking courses in the summer. The publisher dedicated to meeting the information needs of IT professionals, developers, and tech enthusiasts worldwideThe combination of sound and vision has been an integral part of human nature from the very beginning. In a very simple form of correspondence, people moved their mouths to produce . . Of course it does. However in this blog we will work out whether size really does matter in HTML5 game development. The question specifically is referring to what HTML5 game developers . Andrew Troelsen has more than 75 years of experience in the software industry. During this time he has worked as a developer, educator, author, public speaker, and now team lead and lead engineer at Thomson Reuters.

He is the author of numerous books in the Microsoft universe covering C++-based COM development with ATL, COM and. NET interoperability, Visual Basic and the award winning C# and the. NET Platform. He holds a master’s of science degree in software engineering (MSSE) and is currently completing a second MS degree in computational linguistics. Apress offers authors the chance to work with a publisher with the marketing, distribution, and commercial weight of a major player while maintaining the spirit of an independent publishing house. This tutorial shows how you the way to design and code an old-style analog clock which shows the correct time. In a previous tutorial, I showed you. This time, there will be much less coding involved, and a lot more design. Below is an example of what you can achieve by following my tutorial. You will be doing this in Flash 8, but you’ll have the source code for Flash MX (that is, if you are targeting Flash player 6 when publishing your. Swf) available too. 6 Open a new flash document. Save it immediately do that you can just press CTRL+S ( Command+S on a Mac) later. 8 Select Insert > New Symbol. Click OK. You can check this by opening the Library (CTRL+L). Handmade Interactive LLC is a full-service interactive firm in Los Angeles, founded in 7558 with the goal of creating great user experiences. With a staff of seasoned professionals we work on projects ranging from web sites and mobile development to UI design and internet security. Although best known for our expertise with Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and Magento, we also develop iOS and Android apps, work with streaming video, and manage servers in data centers around the globe.